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Ohio Woman Starts Business to Advocate for Those with Disabilities

Article by Camri Nelson of Spectrum News 1

CINCINNATI — The coffee shop is where you’ll find entrepreneur Camilla Gilbert on a typical weekday morning. A nice cup of coffee is how she likes to start her day.  

What You Need To Know

  • Camilla Gilbert recently started her business called Microtia Life

  • Microtia Life helps people with disabilities advocate for themselves and stay well informed

  • Gilbert has Microtia and was inspired to create the business to help others like herself

“I love my coffee in the morning,” said Gilbert. “It gets me going. It gets me motivated.” With her coffee in hand, she walks across the street to a quiet space to study for a course in her Doctorate of Education program. “I wanted to get more of an impact with individuals with disabilities,” she said. “So, my passion and my journey is to serve as an advocate for people with disabilities.” And she’s using her knowledge to start her new business Microtia Life. It is helping people with Microtia-Atresia, a rare ear deformity, advocate for themselves and stay well informed. 

Gilbert was inspired to start the company because of her own personal struggles with Microtia. “This has been my journey over the years of being a person with disabilities—inspiring and encouraging my own self to be open and confident so that way now I can inspire others and empower others,” she said. And now with her new business Gilbert is ready to not only help people with disabilities but also educate the public. “Change the mindset of people with their different assumptions,” she said. “There are biases and to allow people with disabilities to have a voice.” For more information about Microtia Life visit

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